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Horse arena tents (manege tents)

Innovative alternative to permanent buildings

In order to meet the needs of all our clients, GAJ-STAL introduced a new type of halls dedicated for horse breeders. These are horse arena tents, also known as manege tents.

Horse arena tents serve as a great substitute for permanent buildings, which are used to run professional stud farms or horse riding schools.

Our proposal consists of a hall covered with PVC or trapezoidal steel sheet on the side walls. For clients who want better protection, we offer a replacement in the form of sandwich panel walls combined with a pneumatic roof. This guarantees excellent insulation and reduces the influence of external factors on the temperature inside the hall, especially in winter.

An additional element that can be used in the construction of a manege tent is a multi-hipped roof which guarantees safe use and opens more than a dozen additional meters of height to be used.

With the support of experienced personnel, GAJ-STAL is able to provide comprehensive solutions that include lighting and irrigation systems, footings, protective barriers and more.