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Halls for the food industry

Halls for the food industry

Halls built for the food industry are usually used as cold stores and freezers. Their purpose is the long-term storage of vegetables, fruits, processed foods, meat, fish, and other products requiring low-temperature storage and an environment corresponding to the given internal atmosphere composition. A key element in the construction of cold stores and freezers is the use of suitable building materials with a high gas tightness and thermal insulation capacity.

GAJ-STAL uses the most modern technological solutions and manufactures its halls from the highest quality materials – including sandwich panels with improved insulation properties for the construction of cold stores, whose characteristic feature is filling with polyurethane or polystyrene core.

Our clients can rest assured that during the execution of their orders, we focus on the quality of workmanship, high thermal parameters of insulation and acoustic capacity, as well as hassle-free use and aesthetic appearance of our products.

Atmosphere-controlled facilities must meet a number of requirements. As their manufacturer, GAJ-STAL ensures that all of our cold store and freezer solutions pass the following tests:

  • gas tightness

  • thermal insulation with specified internal temperatures

  • strength of the elements in respect to their declared loads

  • fire resistance

  • resistance to moisture penetration

  • lightweight housing durability in respect to the operating parameters

  • proper hygienic criteria, including ease of cleaning and disinfection


Our personnel relies on extensive experience in the preparation and construction of halls for the food industry — mainly cold stores and freezers. We offer you our industry know-how and full support of our specialists, which allows you to choose the best solution for your project.