Manufacturers of cheap halls and their credibility 16.10.2017

Manufacturers of cheap halls and their credibility

Manufacturers who offer halls made of products without proper certification do not pay attention to safety and cut their costs where they should not do so, risking the loss of credibility among potential customers and relatively quick winding up of their business. The users of tent halls offered by such manufacturers can expect that their potential claims will not be satisfied and that any repair costs will have to be paid for from the company's budget. In this way, an offer that seemed attractive at first will become unprofitable.

Moreover, a reliable hall manufacturer will not temper with snow and wind resistance parameters. These should be calculated both separately and in the context of their interdependence — many manufacturers do not take this into consideration, or simply do not report the results of such measurements. Low price also means the extended construction time. Instead of just a few weeks, it often takes a few months before the hall is ready for commissioning.

What's more, owners of the cheapest tent halls encounter problems with leasing or insurance companies. Various industries may have a strong impact on the risk calculation and the low cost of hall construction increases the chance of revealing physical defects of such facilities. No one wants to take the risk associated with the fault of an unreliable manufacturer, who can potentially also become insolvent. Building a tent hall is a long-term investment, so it is worth to pay a higher price for the best possible execution by a reliable contractor — instead of unnecessarily wasting time and money due to future incidents resulting from a failed investment.