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Production hall
Production halls

Design of production halls

The key aspect of production hall design is to understand the company for which the facility is being constructed. Proper design and execution increase the chance of success and form a solid basis for technological activities and operations that will be carried out in the facilities. Production halls must guarantee suitable durability during operation and the possibility to use their space in 100%.

At GAJ-STAL, we help our clients define their goals and expectations and we present our vision as manufacturers who are able to advise them on the best solution. We provide the possibility of further expansion of the hall, allowing for easy and trouble-free growth of the company's activity. In addition to professional service and project implementation, we offer our knowledge and advice at every stage of the project.


Construction of production and industrial halls

Production and industrial halls are a challenge for the project implementer due to their functions and the specificity of their operation. Hall construction technology is a determinant of all subsequent activities related to the costs incurred and the scale of investment. The materials used for the foundation, flooring and indoor installations of the production hall must be compatible with the equipment and machinery that will be used within its premises. In order to ensure a high level of comfort in the use of the facility, our experts use, among others:

- the most recent finishing and insulation materials

- low-emission glass at the façade level

- innovative heating, air conditioning, and ventilation solutions

We help our clients increase the comfort and quality of work and reduce the investment costs without compromising the success of the project.


Assembly of production and industrial halls

During the construction, we pay great attention to every detail and aesthetics of production and industrial halls, while bearing in mind the schedule of works as well as architectural and constructional details. Our project are considered modern and innovative, which makes them the trademark of GAJ-STAL.