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Post and beam halls

The main structure of post and beam halls usually rests on transverse load-bearing frames. These are made in the form of hot-rolled IPE, HEB, and HEA profiles with full double T-bar cross section. The design of such halls requires the calculation of appropriate dimensions of the frames, since their size and shape are the consequence of the span, loads and spacing of the building.

As a manufacturer of steel post and beam halls, GAJ-STAL relies mainly on solid joints secured with high-strength screws.

The painted parts of the construction are shot-blasted or sand-blasted to the cleanliness degree SA 2,5. Afterwards, the steel structures are protected against corrosion by suitable painting materials, which guarantee the required thickness of the dry coating, i.e. not less than 120 µm. In terms of colour range, we use the RAL paint system. Upon request, we are able to provide additional corrosion protection for the indicated construction elements using zinc plating.